Up to the challenge
of innovation.

Our heritage of leadership

To continue our leadership in food-quality and food-safety innovations, we are constantly investing in research, technology and plant improvements. So, you can trust every Excel® branded product for the superior tenderness and juiciness, rich flavor and ‭exceptional shelf life your customers expect.

Better products

From the very beginning, the Excel® brand raised the bar for beef in terms of appearance, flavor and food-safety interventions. We continually improve our processes by focusing on:

Consistency: We incorporate optical readers and computer vision-grading systems for consistent carcass sorting.

Dependability: Real-time inventory detail, box delivery systems, GPS units and wireless technology ensure accurate and timely information.

High Standards: Our food safety and quality-control processes consistently meet or exceed standard industry protocols.

Commitment to Clean: We work hard to lower risks with a wide range of interventions, including hide-on carcass wash, thermal pasteurization and inspection technology.

On-Time Delivery: Our deliveries meet customer deadlines, so you can count on having product when you need it.

Better support

The Excel® brand’s Genuinely Better® philosophy applies to everything we do, from the relationships we build with our customers to the support for meeting your needs.

  • Because our sales and field representatives are organized regionally, each group can quickly respond to questions and requests.
  • Our consumer affairs, customer service and claims departments are always standing by.
  • We help create product demand through value-added products and programs designed to increase awareness and sales.
  • Creative packaging options help customers optimize shelf space availability in the meat case for added flexibility.

Our commitment and our brands

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Our Plants

We go where the supply is. Our plants are centrally located so that our animals and raw materials aren't transported long distances, helping decrease stress levels and increase the quality of our final products.


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